Thursday, June 4, 2015

An open letter to Apple from a WebRTC believer!

Dear Apple,

You've always been there for me in the past when I really needed you so please don't take this the wrong way but I've been holding this in for way too long.

When I think back to the way it used to be with us it was always so perfect. I remember when you gave me my first mouse. It was so cool! It only had one button but it did everything for me back then. I'll never forget those days when Microsoft was bullying everybody on the block. You were that friend that I could always turn to who would take up for me. And now this?

I have to admit, when you started getting really popular I was worried you would forget about me. At first it was all fun and games with my iPod. We were BFFs for so long and then the iPhone and iPad came along and it seemed like the whole world was your friend. Then all of a sudden weird stuff started happening. First, all the record stores started disappearing and then all of a sudden it felt like you were making me do things I didn't want to do. A new iPhone every two years, an iPad in every room, an attachment for my TV, an even sleeker iMac, HELP!

It all happened so fast but now its all come down to this one last plea. Please stop holding the whole WebRTC industry hostage!

I know it must be really hard to accept that this really cool technology came from someone else. Especially someone that's so hip with the kids. I understand. I really do, but isn't unleashing massive innovation more important? Aren't there times when you look in the mirror and remember how fun it was to be a part of an industry wide technology transformation? Can you imagine what a hero you would be?

Come on. Enough is enough. Please bring your toys back outside for all of us to play with and start supporting WebRTC. Pretty please?


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